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Accountability: Our integrated coal handling infrastructure – mine-rail-port

The Cerrejón owned and operated rail system spans 150 km and connects the mine to our export terminal at Puerto Bolívar. After the coal is loaded onto the coal cars it is sprayed with water, and levelled to create a thin crust, which neatly contains the contents of each coal car. This process is in line with our environmental best practice approach to everything we do. The rail line follows a direct route from mine to port and we have taken great care to preserve the natural landscape of this desert region through which our coal is transported.

The safety of everyone around us is our top priority. A HY-rail vehicle travels ahead of our trains to ensure the tracks are free of pedestrians and animals. Clear signage and barriers are located along the rail line and we frequently carry out awareness-building campaigns to promote safe passage. The construction of bridges provides distinct thoroughfares for movement between neighbouring communities.

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