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The Cerrejón mining complex is an open-pit coal mining operation. Cerrejón thermal coal is a mainly unwashed, crushed product derived from a blend of seams from coal deposits that lie in an area spanning 69,000 hectares. The standard Cerrejón product is 11,000 Btu/lb, GAR.

Cerrejón is recognized as a world-class operation and is committed to the sustainable development of La Guajira beyond the duration of its mining concession. Cerrejón has developed social responsibility programmes focused on local development in areas such as education, health, culture, sports, productive projects, the environment, infrastructure enhancement, training, employment and basic sanitation.

Cerrejón demonstrates its commitment to responsible business conduct through systematic independent reviews and third-party audits, open and transparent communication with local and international stakeholders and weaving alliances with strategic partners for the region.
Please visit for a thorough understanding of their activities and the operation.

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